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A short NCIS/SG crossover oneshot. Might end up a part of a bigger series in the future. Maybe.

Tony sighted as he stood in front of the door that led to interrogation. This was one place he had not thought he would see again. Not after Jenny had died on his watch and he had been assigned Agent Afloat by the new Director. Especially not when he decided that he rather wanted to quit than be stuck on some boat. Luckily his old buddy had come out of the blue with a job offer that he promised would flip his world, and damn if good old Shep hadn’t delivered what he promised.

He reckoned it was impossible to move forward without sometimes visiting the past. And he knew he had his share of ghosts wandering these halls. But hadn’t it been a kick to the head to realize that four whole months went by before anyone even realized that he no longer was an NCIS agent. Hell, it looked like Fornell had known before any of his friends, beside Jimmy.

As it was they obviously didn’t want him to do his job now. The only reason why he was allowed into the interrogation room was because he had conceded to let them watch and Vance had to have gotten a call from upstairs. He could only imagine the reception he could expect when he was finished with one of his men.

He shook his head before stalking into the room with a slight scowl on his face. To his amusement the Marine jumped to his feet immediately and greeted him with a strict ‘Sir’.

“Sit your damn ass down Clayton.” Tony barked as he tried to got comfortable on the other side of the table. They really should do something about the furniture in here, if only on the side where the interrogators sat. “And don’t call me Sir. I am not that old, and the Queen has not taken notice of me yet.” The tone made the slightly younger man wince.

“Do I even have to tell you how much trouble you’re in right now?” Tony asked the rhetorical out loud. “As I see it, the only thing going in your favor is that it was me that came to get your ass out of here, not McKay. Can you imagine what kind of revenge he’d come up with. I think your future would be only cold water until you either by a miracle managed to get him to forgive you, or you crawled back to the Mountain with your tail between your legs. And there would be no help coming from the Colonel. He’d get enough whining from McKay, and both of us know who is more important in the end. No, as I see it you’re damn lucky I was already…” Tony tilted his head slightly, searching for a word that did not give away too much information. “…state-side.”

Both Tony and the Marine shared a brief spark of amusement over the beyond lame cover story that said that they were posted in Antarctica. Personally Tony thought that anyone stupid enough to believe it should be committed, but that was his opinion. He hated to work with stupid people.

“So Lieutenant, why doesn’t you do it easy for the both of us and tell me what the hell happened?” Tony leaned back in his chair waiting for jarhead to start talking, and he did not have to wait for long. The story was carefully edited, leaving out any classified information on account of their location and the observers Tony knew were on the other side of the mirror. He had hoped the other man would take the hint earlier, then again the SGC did not employ idiots even if they were the brawn.

“Okay, as I see it there should be no trouble getting you out of here. Until a week ago you weren’t even state-side. Out of the six murders you were in the infirmary for three of them and I can personally give you an alibi for a fourth. And even if my ex-team don’t trust me enough to believe my word I can get Walter to fax over a copy of your penguin-attack. Or was it a training accident?” Tony grinned at Clayton.

“A penguin attack during a training exercise, Si.. eh.. Agent DiNozzo.” The blue eyed Lieutenant grimaced, but Tony could easily read the humor on his face.

“They are vicious bastards.” Tony adopted a serious face as he stated the fact.

“That they are Sir.” Clayton nodded mock serious. The pair looked at each other for a moment before giving in to their amusement.

A sharp knock on the mirror broke the light atmosphere in the room. Tony rolled his eyes with a sight. “I better go meet with my old team. I kinda bullied my way in here when I arrived and I didn’t tell them that I was leaving permanently when I left, so I guess they’re a bit pissed at me. So Lieutenant… If nobody has heard from me in 24 hours you better set in motion a search and rescue.” He half-joked.

“I will.” The Lieutenant smirked. “And DiNozzo? Thank you.”

Tony looked back over his shoulder one last time before exiting the room. “No need to thank me. I’d done it for every one of you. Even the whiny ones.”

“I know.” The man muttered fondly as he watched the Homeworld Security Agent Afloat of Atlantis walk out the door. “We all know. Leave no man behind, indeed.” That was one rule everyone lived religiously. Unknown to the Marine, on the other side of the glass a couple of stragglers flinched at the unintentional dig.



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